Saturday, February 28, 2009

Trying out this new blog.....

Well, I thought since I have this new blog, I may as well start putting some random things here. I recieved a RAK from Carla this week. She sent me 3 cards of wisper floss and a spool of Vicki Clayton silk........

Isn't that just the prettiest stuff you've ever seen?? I can't wait to use it! Thank You so much Carla!
Let's other news....I'm almost done with that EVIL dragon!! I'm down to the backstitching!!! YAY! I know alot of you have been following it on my other blog, and I'm happy to report that it will soon be done.
I've found my tastes in stitching have really started changing over the past year. Lately I seem to be really drawn to quaker style patterns and samplers. Don't know what is up with that...maybe I'm just getting old. LOL! I can picture them hanging all around my house, the sad thing is, I like the way I picture it in my mind. Am I nuts? Is there anyone else that has done a complete turn around from what they usually like?
Happy Stitches everyone!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

A new blog

So many have switched over to blogger I've decided to follow the pack and give it a try. I think I'll use this blog just for my stitchy stuff and keep my other for family stuff. It should be an interesting experience trying to keep up with 2 blogs. LOL