Sunday, March 18, 2012

Happy Spring!

I know I've been super behind in keeping up my blog this year. "Life" just has a way of getting in the way of things. I've had a billion personal/family things pop up this year that has cut into my stitching time. I've fallen so far behind on my Crazy January Challenge I don't think I'll ever catch up!

I did choose to do a SAL this year and have fallen way behind on it. It's from: I just finished the first two parts and she's already released parts 3 & 4. Hoping I can catch up before the next one's are released. Here's my progress so far.......
My other focus project is a SAL from Sylvia at: She's releasing these really cute seasonal pieces. I'm doing this SAL with some of the ladies in my yahoo group and I think I'm the last one to get started on it. I chose some silkweaver fabric called "rainbow dreams" and I'm hoping when all the seasons are done it'll look kind of like a sky in the background. Here's my progress from yesterday......
The title of this blog post is Happy Spring but spring has been slow to come to Idaho this year. Earlier this week I found some pretty flowers that popped up over night........I was so happy to see these!
Unfortunately they aren't a good indicator of the weather in my area...just this morning we woke up to snow falling. Ugh. It didn't stick around but it's still cold and I am looking forward to warmer temps so I can start a vegetable garden.

That's it for me this time. Hope all you stitchers are enjoying warm weather and lots of stitching time. Keep those needles smoking!