Thursday, March 25, 2010

Kinda caught up..finally

What a week it's been! We are all still getting used to the changes since my daughter left. The boys are slowly adjusting to having their own rooms. My 10 year old claimed the empty room and had his bed moved in all by himself before I even knew what was happening..LOL! The boys have been out for Spring Break this week...usually they go visit Grandma for the week but this year things didn't go the way we planned so they stayed home. I really really wish I could have had the break!

I've pulled out the Lizzie Kate piece and did another word and some more of the border. Just finished this part this morning. I'm loving the way it's turning out! I had planned to frame this when I finish it but now I'm thinking it might make a cute little wall quilt. Still not sure what I'm going to do with it when I'm done.

Here is my next block for the zoo theme quilt. This is the cutest purple hippo I've ever seen! Just seems like she's batting those big eyelashes at

Not sure what I'll work on next. I'm thinking I need to pull out moms birthday gift and at least put in a few stitches or it's not going to be done by July. The only problem is I have something else SCREAMING at me to start. Jenifer PIFed me with the Lizzie Kate "Christmas by the Letter" charts and I have all the floss & fabric to start them. I keep thinking I should just go ahead and start so I can send them on to the next person. (good excuse,huh?) I've got 6 more blocks to stitch for this zoo quilt and a couple of others to do also but I really really want to do the Christmas ones.....decisions decisions......
Anyway, not much else going on in my corner of the world at the moment. Hope everyone is stitching like mad! Hugs to all!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Quilt Block & BIG CHANGES!

I've had some big changes happening in my world that last few days but's my latest little quilt block.....isn't it a cutie?

We've been spending as much family time together as possible the last few days. Amber & Eric are due to be at the base in Nebraska on Monday so we've been cramming the days as full as we can with board games, family dinners and lots of laughter. Bodie has been growing his hair out the last few months so he can look like a rock star, but finally decided he wanted a hair cut just like Eric. We searched the bathroom closet and found the clippers and Eric went to town on Bodie's long hair. He now sports a nice clean military style cut!

Here's the last picture of all my kiddo's together....lots of tears. It's hard to believe they were so sad since they are all constantly picking on each other. LOL!

Last minute additions to the that "I'm so happy to be leaving home" smile!

And we can't forget their first "child"....poor Cosmo. He's lost all his dignity being put into that tiny cage.....and they even made him wear 'dog tags' with a bell..*gasp*

And here they are all packed and pulling out.......
This is to their new life in Nebraska..........

Yes, I'm a little sad...okay ALOT sad. Hubby and I cried like babies.....21 years since she came into our lives. Seems like it's went way too fast and I'm getting way too old.....*sigh* The boys shed a few tears for about 5 minutes, then the fight was on to see who gets to move into her room...LOL! The battle lines are drawn so I'll let you know which one wins in my next update.....I'm so not ready for this next part. Wonder how many chores I can get them to do for that empty room??

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Stitching & Our final family day.....

I can't believe how fast this month is flying by! It seems like I just haven't had time to do much stitching and I'm falling behind on my plans for the year. I haven't worked on moms bday gift for a couple weeks and it took up till now to even get my monthly cube done. But I finally knuckled down and did it......I think it's kinda cute:
I didn't get my word for February done on my Lizzie Kate piece so I need to do two words this month. I stitched the second word (love) the other day and will hopefully get the next word done in the next week or so and I'll be all caught up as planned. I love how this piece is turning out! I haven't put the charms on yet and I'm not sure if I will. I like it just fine without them...guess I'll think about it and decide later.
As most of you already know, my daughter and her new hubby are moving away. They were suppose to be going to Japan but last week he got new orders and they are now moving to Nebraska! Eric was able to come home last Wednesday and they are all set to move on Thursday of this week. I'm kinda sad to see them go but I guess kids grow up and move on with their lives eventually. I'm happy that they won't be all the way in least we can take a few road trips and go visit..LOL! Aren't they just cute?
Since they are leaving this week they decided to take us all out for one final family day today. We had so much fun! A day of bowling, pizza, bumper cars and arcade games.......
Brady told everyone right away that he was in it to win! LOL
Bodie hoping it wasn't a gutter ball.....
Amber celebrating her split....LOL
Eric showing everyone how it's done......
Pat wondering what the heck happened.....LOL (camera got blurry here, darn battery)
And the winner is....drum roll please......
Our youngest family member: Brady! Here he is doing his victory dance....LOL
After all this bowling it was time for a dinner break. What better than pizza and appetizers??
After all the yummy food it was time for the bumper cars......
Here's Brady in a complete he did it I have no idea.
Amber getting surprised by Bodie.....
Hubby and I...still happy after 22 years. Who woulda thought it?
Me with all 3 of my babies. This is probably the last time we'll be together for a long time. It kind of makes me sad.
All in all it was a great day! My daughter and her husband were very generous to take us out for one last day of fun. I'm going to miss us being all together for days like this. Maybe the next family day will take place in Nebraska......