Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I have finally finished my sons dragon!! WooHoo! I just put the final backstitching in about 10 minutes ago...

I am thrilled with the way it turned out!! I can't wait until my son sees it for the first time, he's going to love it! Anyhoo, I had to share! HUGS!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Backstitching Blues.....

I thought I would show a picture of the backstitch on the dragon. It is sooo boring! I'm halfway through it now, but I am so tired of dragon scales, LOL! I do love the detail the backstitching is bringing out but I can't wait till it's completely done! Hopefully I can finish it this week and put him away till my "finishing" day when he becomes a pillow for my son.

To break up the monotony of the dragon and all my other BAP's I decided to start something new. This is a Valentine freebie from the Wiehenburg samler yahoo group. It's a heart shape but done band sampler style. I love it but when I first seen it I just didn't think it belonged in a frame. So I decided to try to "shabby" it up. I'm doing it on 14ct oatmeal aida (ewww) I have some red & tan gingham check fabric in my stash so I'm going to make a toss pillow out of that and then sew this to the front and fray out the edges, then I'm going to add a big red button to each corner. I'm shooting for the "shabby chic", we'll see how it comes out.

I would also like to give a big THANK YOU to all the ladies in my yahoo group for keeping me accountable with my stitching and making me stick to my stash diet. I've got 3 done and 7 more to go until I reach my first 10 finishes and they are doing VERY well at keeping me on track. So thank you hubby's wallet is loving you right about now!
In more personal news, my oldest son finally got his cast on Wednesday. He chose the color blue and has been carrying a sharpie marker everywhere with him. I don't think he could fit one more name on it anywhere! LOL
On Saturday he decided he could ride his bike with the cast and did really well until I turned my back. He ended up crashing his bike and getting a bad case of road rash. He tore up one knee, the elbow right above the cast and his entire hand of his good arm! He stood up and all I saw was blood dripping down the cast and blood dripping from his other hand. It was a nasty crash and now he's terrified to even walk out the front door! He keeps telling me that every time he moves something bad happens! LOL
My youngest son is going through the "I want a cast too" stage. He's been trying so hard to break something.....climbing trees, skateboarding off the porch, jumping off the back deck....sheesh! He's making me pull out my hair! I keep telling him that the more he tries the less likely it is to happen....he doesn't listen, LOL!
Anyway, hope everyone is happy & healthy and stitching like mad!
Hugs to all!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Thank you Frishawn!

Recently we did a color exchange in my yahoo group, Cross Stitch Addiction. I recieved mine today from Frishawn....and boy did she spoil me rotten! She sent me some delicious smelling bath goodies and lots of stitchy items. There were 2 pieces of 28ct fabric, one lugana and the other was jobelan. 4 skiens of DMC color variations, a skien of Dragon Floss, which I have heard of but never tried, 3 skiens of Dinky Dyes Silks...those are my most favorite of all flossies! And 3 packages of Mill Hill beads!

I can't wait to pick a project for everything...I'm in stash heaven right now! I'm on the "stash diet" and haven't been able to buy anything so this is just what the DR ordered! LOL
On top of those goodies I also recieved my first copy of Cross Stitch Gold magazine. It was the last thing I got before the stash diet started so I'm happy to know it will be coming to my mailbox on a regular basis now. Hopefully it will ease the pain of the stash diet......naw, I'm kidding myself aren't I?? Guess I better get those last 7 projects completed!

On a more personal note, my 9 year old son fractured his arm yesterday at school. This is the first broken body part for either of the boys, and let me just say.....I am relieved! I know that sounds awful, but when I had boys I totally expected to have broken bones constantly. I think both hubby and I gave a big sigh of relief that it had finally happened. It's kind of one of those things a parent knows will probably happen eventually, but you hope it never does. It almost feels like a weight has been lifted.....pretty sick, huh??? Makes me sound like such a bad mom! It's been kind of funny though, so far he's suckered his big sister into taking him and his little brother out for ice cream at 9:00pm last night. He's suckered his Dad into waking up and making him eggs and toast for breakfast at 6:00am this morning and he's been trying to milk it with me all day! LOL Kids!
Happy Stitching!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Finished Part 3 of AT & RAK

I finished part 3 of the Alla Turca SAL! The part came out yesterday and I went straight to work on it! This is the only SAL I've been able to keep up with regularly, and I'm finding that I really enjoy it. It's such an easy and quick stitch. It's back in it's ziploc bag waiting patiently for part 4 on April 1st.

I've been feeling a bit under the weather today, well for the last few weeks actually. I've got a headcold in a VERY bad way. :( This is the 4th time this winter! This time I've got a sinus infection and it's heading to my ear. Guess it's time to go to the DR and get some meds...I just hate doctors! I'm so sick of being sick!
So as I've sat here in my misery feeling sorry for myself I decided to wander out in the rain and grab the mail....don't want the bills to get wet! LOL Aside from the regular junk and bills I recieved a wonderful surprise from Donna today! She sent me a RAK!! Talk about a great way to quit feeling sorry for myself! LOL

Isn't that just the best thing?? She sent me 2 cards of wisper floss, a white and a gray, AND 3 skeins of Caron Wildflowers! Black Cherry, Ruby and Seafoam! Thanks so much Donna! Now to decide what to make with my new flossies......
Happy Stitching!