Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall is here!

What a month it's been! Seems like this time of year just keeps me busy and I don't have time for much stitching. Fall is has come to Idaho and I've heard reports that there's snow in the mountains. We've had frost on the cars in the morning and the leaves have been changing and falling all over. I love the crisp air!

We recently did a Halloween exchange in my yahoo group. We had to find items from a list...something with a witch, something with a ghost, etc. My partner was Vicky and she sent me this.........I love it all!
Here's my part of a round's not backstitched yet. Thankfully the owner of the robin is letting me off without doing the backstitching because I have a couple more sitting here that need to get done. This one was kind of unplanned and landed in my lap when one of our gals had to pull out due to health issues. I'm glad that we are able to get it back into the rotation though and we should have happy people in the end.
This next one is my part of Tara's round robin. She chose these adorable little teapots....they are all so cute! I may have to do these for myself eventually....hard to resist that cuteness.
Next is a biscornu.....I'm going to be teaching a class on finishing a biscornu at my LNS so I've been trying to get a few stitched up to show.
This little biscornu is teeny...about 1 inch in diameter. I designed it myself and forgot to show the cuter side...LOL Hope to get a few more stitched up and have a little basket full for the class.
I know it doesn't look like I've been doing much stitching but I have been a busy girl. I'm looking forward to falling back into a routine and getting things done. Now that I have a craft room of my very own I should be able to be more productive. I'll leave you with a pic of my Rudy....he's my stitching buddy. (when he's not chewing on my boxes)
This is his "I didn't do it" look.....such a little diva dog! :) Hope everyone has their needles smoking! Happy Fall everyone!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Stitching again.....

Now that we are finally starting to settle into the new house, I've been stitching again. It's been awhile and I can honestly say I've missed it. After a few visits from the frog, I was finally able to finish my section on Katie's round robin. It only took me THREE WEEKS!! I don't know what it was about this particular piece, but it did not like me! I'd get partway through it and find I messed up and have to take out half of what I had stitched. This one was a hard one for me for some reason and the funny thing is, it's easy...whole stitches and on aida. Piece of cake for most people....just not for me. Anyway, I'm happy to say Mr Santa is finally stitched up and moving on to the next person in the rotation! Yay!

This next piece was a quick and easy stitch, thankfully. One of our round robin participants had to drop out due to health issues so I've taken her place in the rotation and recieved Carein's piece to work on. These hearts are super easy and quick to stitch! I enjoyed doing this one and was so thankful to have a quick finish fix.
Next up is an exchange I recieved in the mail from Vicky. She made me the cutest little Fall ornament....I LOVE IT! Loved the extra's too...hee hee.
I went to my LNS today and picked up a few goodies......
While at the LNS today I got into a conversation about different finishing techniques. I have agreed to teach a biscornu class and I'm excited and nervous at the same time. I am not a public speaker at all, and I'm totally NOT a people person. I just don't do well with crowds so this will be a new and exciting experience for me.

Ok, this is a short update, but it's all I've got at the moment. Life has just been a crazy mess lately and I know there is so much more I can put on this little blog but it's just left my mind at the moment. Hope everyone is enjoying the fall weather and stitching like crazy! :)