Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cats CAN and WILL get even!

My Brother in Law came for a visit this past weekend and brought us a baby kitten. This is a wonderful addition to our family because my hubby had to put his cat down in March after 14 years. Kitty is 6 weeks old and has no name yet, but here he is.......

Now, here's the getting even part: We have a cat, "Cosmo" (who would not let me get a picture) and he's been an only cat for quite a while now. He belongs to my daughter and her fiance so they will be taking him with them when they find out where they will be stationed. He does not like the new kitty. He turns his nose up at him and walks away. He hisses, bats his paw the whole bit. Well Cosmo has been hiding from us since the new kitty came and last night I found him in my craft closet......howling away for being locked in there! This is what he did to get revenge......
See the shredded pattern?!! And I was going to work on this today! I can't even piece it back together enough to use it...darn cat! I guess he really got his revenge.....
I have no stitchy pics to show at the moment, but I'm working on a few things. I've got a friends RR that I'm working on and my super secret project that no one has seen yet. The shredded pattern was suppose to be a RR but looks like I'll have to find something else to do up real quick. The pattern was a freebie, but darn it, I don't have any ink in my printer to get it printed out. (Mom is sending me the pattern, thanks mom!) I've got probably about 16 different projects on the go at the moment and not a finish in sight! I've got to quit starting things! LOL
The kids start school September 8th....I can't wait! They are driving me nuts lately. My youngest got him self grounded to the house for 3 weeks and he's bored as heck! Last week him and his friend took off a sewer grate and 'accidentally' dropped it down the city sewer! The city had to be called to come get it out and put it back on. Anyway...he got grounded, darn kid! I think it's worse for me to have him in the house all the time....and he thinks he's being tortured. LOL!
Anyway, hope everyone is having a great summer! Hugs to all!


  1. I'm not laughing, I promise, hehehehe oops, sorry, it just slipped out....

  2. Love the "accidents", don't you?? Sorry about your pattern; yes, I believe Cosmo did himself proud. At least he didn't shred the stitching!

  3. Nutmegg, I am laughing. So hard I almost wet my pants. But Mary I am sowereooory. Sorry. I can't type I am laughing so hard.

  4. Oh snort, (coffee spewing). Time to cat-proof. One of my dogs always finds something in my craft room to carry around the house but they are so cute what can you do. I hope it was a working copy.

  5. Good thing the coffee cup was on the desk and not on it's way to my mouth as I read this one. LOL Between kitty revenge and tortured kids I'll be chuckling for a while.

    I hope you are able to get some stitching in to help calm you. :)

    Good luck.


  6. That's quite some impressive shredding going on there - he must have been really p***d off with you lol!

  7. Cute kitten. That is too funny about the other cat. Hope you make it through your son being grounded.

  8. Ha!! You've been having nothing BUT fun!! I would say Cosmo was pretty unhappy! and, sorry, but too funny about your son's antics! He's being a boy for sure!!!