Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Quilt Block & BIG CHANGES!

I've had some big changes happening in my world that last few days but's my latest little quilt block.....isn't it a cutie?

We've been spending as much family time together as possible the last few days. Amber & Eric are due to be at the base in Nebraska on Monday so we've been cramming the days as full as we can with board games, family dinners and lots of laughter. Bodie has been growing his hair out the last few months so he can look like a rock star, but finally decided he wanted a hair cut just like Eric. We searched the bathroom closet and found the clippers and Eric went to town on Bodie's long hair. He now sports a nice clean military style cut!

Here's the last picture of all my kiddo's together....lots of tears. It's hard to believe they were so sad since they are all constantly picking on each other. LOL!

Last minute additions to the that "I'm so happy to be leaving home" smile!

And we can't forget their first "child"....poor Cosmo. He's lost all his dignity being put into that tiny cage.....and they even made him wear 'dog tags' with a bell..*gasp*

And here they are all packed and pulling out.......
This is to their new life in Nebraska..........

Yes, I'm a little sad...okay ALOT sad. Hubby and I cried like babies.....21 years since she came into our lives. Seems like it's went way too fast and I'm getting way too old.....*sigh* The boys shed a few tears for about 5 minutes, then the fight was on to see who gets to move into her room...LOL! The battle lines are drawn so I'll let you know which one wins in my next update.....I'm so not ready for this next part. Wonder how many chores I can get them to do for that empty room??


  1. Bless your Heart, It's so hard to let go....
    Get all the chores you can get out of the boys. Might be the last time. The Monkey is ADORABLE!!!!

  2. Oh Mary seeing that car pulling off brought back memories of siblings doing the same thing. I am fighting back the tears too! I know you are both happy and sad at the same time. You have done your first stage of parenting with her well so you can be proud of this. Your job isn't done, it is just moving into a new phase.

  3. A lovely set of photos for you to remember the day.
    You should be very proud of her. It's tough but she'll be okay. :)

  4. Well done on the last 21 years, Mary, you did a great job. Look forward to the trip to see them!

  5. Mary, I am praying for you. It is a very happy/sad time. I left Ohio in July and left my family behind. I am 39 years old, but still will miss my Mom. It is nice here and there are some really good things about Texas. But I will always remember home.

    Have a wonderful day.

  6. Big hugs!! I know how hard this is for you. I say make her room into a craft room, then you'll be happy everytime you go in there, lol. I love the monkey! Call if you need to talk!!

  7. Cute monkey. Big changes in your life and theirs best of luck

  8. The monkey is so cute! Even watching siblings to leave is hard. You have some wonderful memories from the last few days.