Friday, September 17, 2010

A busy week for me!

What a busy week it's been for me! On Monday & Tuesday I finally got around to putting one of the charity quilts together. Carein had sent me some cute little diaper pin alphabet blocks months ago and with the move I just didn't have time to get things together the way I had intended. I figured I better get on the ball and start doing some things before I fall so far behind I can't catch up. Here is the first project of the week.......
The picture just doesn't do it justice. The little blocks are absolutely adorable! The 'white' part of the edge has little bitty pastel alphabet letters scattered all over it.
Next is a little train for another charity quilt that will have a "toy box" theme. I've got 10 more of these little blocks to do so it will be a bit before you get to see that one.
Yesterday I started cutting the fabric for this next piece. I got it all cut and the red part sewed on thinking I'd finish the rest today. Woke up this morning and got the blue border on, sandwiched it together, sewed it all up and realized I had it inside out! I could not for the life of me find a darned seam ripper anywhere! Three hours later after using my teeny gingher embroidery scissors, it was ripped apart and ready to re-sew. This is the final product......

It will also be going to charity. I hope the child that recieves it enjoys the cute animals and finds some comfort in it.
After all the darned irritation over the quilt fiasco, I finally got the mail. I recieved a wonderful much needed RAK from Carein! She sent a few candies with a little note explaining the meaning behind each piece she chose. It was a wonderful surprise this afternoon after all the tears over the quilt. Thank you so much Carein for brightening my day!

That's it for this week. I'm hoping next week I can stay on this kick and get more done. Hugs to all my stitchy friends, you all make my heart sing! :)


  1. You make my heart sing also. I have been thinking about you so much here lately. Yesterday at work I was talking about you and how kind you are. I miss chatting in the Yahoo room with you.
    The stitching is just beautiful!

  2. Looove the pieces! But you already know that... =)
    The zoo themed one is new to me, and I honestly cant pick a fave! Lovely work indeed, Mary!

  3. The quilts and charity block are beautiful! Beautiful pieces!

  4. The quilts are beautiful. Anyone who gets them will love them.