Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall is here!

What a month it's been! Seems like this time of year just keeps me busy and I don't have time for much stitching. Fall is has come to Idaho and I've heard reports that there's snow in the mountains. We've had frost on the cars in the morning and the leaves have been changing and falling all over. I love the crisp air!

We recently did a Halloween exchange in my yahoo group. We had to find items from a list...something with a witch, something with a ghost, etc. My partner was Vicky and she sent me this.........I love it all!
Here's my part of a round's not backstitched yet. Thankfully the owner of the robin is letting me off without doing the backstitching because I have a couple more sitting here that need to get done. This one was kind of unplanned and landed in my lap when one of our gals had to pull out due to health issues. I'm glad that we are able to get it back into the rotation though and we should have happy people in the end.
This next one is my part of Tara's round robin. She chose these adorable little teapots....they are all so cute! I may have to do these for myself eventually....hard to resist that cuteness.
Next is a biscornu.....I'm going to be teaching a class on finishing a biscornu at my LNS so I've been trying to get a few stitched up to show.
This little biscornu is teeny...about 1 inch in diameter. I designed it myself and forgot to show the cuter side...LOL Hope to get a few more stitched up and have a little basket full for the class.
I know it doesn't look like I've been doing much stitching but I have been a busy girl. I'm looking forward to falling back into a routine and getting things done. Now that I have a craft room of my very own I should be able to be more productive. I'll leave you with a pic of my Rudy....he's my stitching buddy. (when he's not chewing on my boxes)
This is his "I didn't do it" look.....such a little diva dog! :) Hope everyone has their needles smoking! Happy Fall everyone!


  1. I love your part of the round robin. I think you did well. If I understand a round robin right, that is where several people share in working on the same project. In other words, if a project is four pages and four people are part of the round robin, person one may do page 1, person two does page 2, etc.?

    I have never done a biscornu. Have thought about it, but if I understand those right, it does take a sewing machine to do part of them? That'd put me out. Even though I have a machine, mine is on the fritz right now. Yours looks very nice.

    The things Vicky sent look neat!

  2. Just when I think it's finally starting to slow down, it's that time of year that goes like wildfire! Isn't that the way it goes? Your stitching looks great - nice finishes on your RR's and biscornus!

  3. PS - love the Things to Ponder for today - headlights.

  4. Your stitching is great. I am glad you like the exchange. I love doing the exchange very much.

  5. Stitching looks good Mary. I love your Halloween exchange, and I didn't know they made Halloween peeps!!! Awesome! I like mine stale, lol. I know, weird. Your little biscornus are cute. Nice colors too. Can't wait to hear how your class goes. And yay for the Robins. They're both cute, and I can't wait to see them finished up!

  6. Looking good girlfriend!!! Fall is the time of year that I usually can get back into a routine of stitching. Hoping the arm and neck will cooperate soon to let me stitch!!

  7. Your puppy is adorable, I love your biscournus. Its something I've never tried myself but would love to give it a go

  8. those round robins are lovely. Cute and beautiful biscornus.
    Nice Halloween exchange!