Sunday, April 15, 2012

The other "F" word......

Yesterday was one of those milestone days for me....I turned the big 40. What started out as a normal day ended up being fantastic! Hubs went to work super early but came home about 10:00 am and told me to take a shower and shave my legs so we could go get my birthday present. I'm just thinking..."what on earth do my legs have to do with it?" So I get my shower, toss my hair up in a ponytail and get ready to go. My mom shows up to watch the boys just as we're getting ready to leave.

Hubs then drives me to a fancy schmancy spa about a half hour away! Hubs, our daughter and my mom all pitched in together and got me a spa day! I've never ever had one of those. I had a FULL massage with seaweed wrap and very pretty smelly was fabulous! After the SUPER LONG massage I went to another room where they gave me my first ever manicure! Yep, 40 years old and never had one. My hands were seaweed wrapped, exfoliated, oiled and painted a very lovely shade of what my hubby says is "hooker red". My nails are naturally long and the ladies there oohhed and aahhed over them, made me feel so good to hear it was okay to not have the fake kind since I always feel like I'm left out of some secret society when I see other girls with those pretty things on.

After the manicure I recieved my very first ever pedicure! Yep, they seaweed wrapped and exfoliated and got rid of those nasty cracked heels! Then they painted them the same "hooker red" and put glitter on top! They said since it was my birthday that my toes should have a party too, LOL! I was kinda thinking I was too old for that but then I peeked at them and fell in love! They sparkle! Who knew your toes could sparkle like that?! I walked out of that place feeling so spoiled and diva-ish. I am soooo going back there again! :)

When hubs brought me back home mom had cleaned my house and decorated it up all birthday-ish. It was very cool and unexpected. The above pic is flowers from my mom and the boys and a pretty Lily from a good friend.

These are my nails after my shiny! :)
And here is my chubby little feet with my sparkly toes......
Ok, now on to the good stuff.....we have a birthday club in my group and I was very spoiled from all the ladies. From Miss Vicky I recieved "Seaology" by the Trilogy, LHN's "Bookshelf", some chocolate covered peanuts (if you look closely you'll notice it's an empty box...I couldn't wait) Some cute stickers, a notepad and the cutest little bear figurine that is already displayed on a shelf in my craft room. :)
From Miss Ethel I recieved Mill Hill Button & Bead kit "the Firehouse", and Stone and Thread's "Keeper of Snow". :)
From Miss Pat I recieved Mill Hill Button & Bead kit "General Store" and some DMC floss. :)
From Miss Chele I received the first 2 charts of Lizzie Kate's "Less=More", JBW "Twas the Night II", #8 pearl cotton and some red beads. :)
From Miss Georgena I received a large piece of 32 count linen, a big box of skittles, 3 packets of tea and some DMC floss. :)
From Miss Carrie and Miss Sierra I recieved gift cards to 123stitch. :) I already kinda have an idea of what I will use them for but I keep changing my mind.

From Miss Tonya I recieved a gift card to JoAnns....this I will use for trims and embellishments for "finishing". :) I'm going to hang on to this one for a while and plan a big finishing day later.

It was a fabulous birthday and I know there is still more coming. I felt very spoiled and special all day long. Thanks everyone for making it a wonderful day! :)

I can't end this update without a little bit of stitching progress so here is the last photo I took of Lavender Blue. It's not a great pic because I didn't want to take it completely off the scroll frame, but you can kind of get the idea of what it looks like.
I have the next parts for this but I ran into a snag with some hand issues so haven't been able to stitch like I normally would. I'm going to keep at it and try to keep up with the SAL though. This may be the only "finish" I get this year depending on what happens with my hand. I'm okay with that though....just gives me more to look forward to stitching in the future. :)

Hopefully my next update will have the next part of Lavender Blue finished and maybe some progress on something else too. Happy Stitching everyone!


  1. Wow you do have nice long nails. I have never been able to keep nails. You got some really nice goodies there for your birthday and lavender blue is really looking awesome.

  2. Wow! I love all your new goodies. Your nails and toes looks do pretty. You were very spoiled. I would love to to go to a spa for a day too. Lavender Blue looks beautiful.

  3. Happy belated Birthday! sounds like you had a wonderful day and we all deserve to be pampered once in a while. And what lovely stash you recieved from your friends.
    Happy Stitching

  4. sounds like a fab birthday - love those nails!

  5. Hello

    I'm new to your blog.

    what a lovely birthday you had!

    Your fingers and toes look so lovely and all that pampering at the spa sounds great.

    Your other presents are fantastic too, some great stash there.

    Your WIP is looking so very pretty!
    Happy belated birthday.

  6. happy birthday :D looks like you got some fun stash :D

  7. Oh, Mary, you got spoiled, girlfriend. Sounds like you had a great birthday. I'm so happy for you! That's awesome. Hope the rest of the year is great for you too! (BTW, your feet don't look too chubby.) And I love the hooker red polish. I went shopping for nail polish with a friend, and she hollered at me from across the store, "What color do you want?" And I laughed at her and said, "Slut red." She never hollered across another store at me, giggle.

  8. Happy birthday Mary. What a beautiful day you had.

    Arent you doing Sweet Flowers also?

    I hope you can stitch loads this year..hope your hand heals fast.