Sunday, July 8, 2012

Finally a Finish!! Yay!

It's been a busy stitching week for me.  I lost my groove for so long, now it feels like the stitching bug is back with a vengence!  Yippie!  

I've been keeping up with this little daily SAL each day and I'm loving the way it's coming together.  I have decided this will be a fun little colorful pillow when I'm done.  You can't really see the colors clearly in this pic, but they are bright and bold.  I can't wait till it's finished and I can make the pillow,  it's going to be a fun splash of color for my house.  I'm only on day 8 and we have all the way to day 25 to go so it's gonna be a while before it's finished but I'm loving it. 

Last night I finished this little Lizzie Kate piece.  I've got a few other smaller LK's that are similar so I plan to do them all and make small pillows out of them and put them in a basket on my entry table.  I love how they are so fast to stitch up!

 And now that I have a finish under my belt,  I have been a good girl and decided to NOT start something new.   I have pulled out sex and chocolate and plan to stitch it until it's done.   It's about a 1/3 of the way so I  should be able to finish it this week if nothing pops up.  This will be going in my stitching room...not sure how I'll finish it off, but it's definately a stitching room piece.

 This is what sex & chocolate will look like when it's done.......
Ok, that's my quickie update for the week.  Hope everyone is stitching like mad and staying out of the heat!


  1. Congratulations on your finishes, your WIPS and the return of your stitching mojo!!! Love the SAL. I have been getting the pieces but haven't started it yet.

  2. yeah you have a finish I'm glad your mojo is back. Your stitching is beautiful keep those needles smoking

  3. So happy to see your not only stitching but that you are enjoying what you are stitching which is the most important part of the stitching journey. :) Great job of getting a new finish.

  4. Sorry I am so behind with my blog reading. Glad to see that your mojo has returned from wherever it was holidaying. You have a lovely finish and some lovely progress too. I like the idea of a daily SAL.