Saturday, March 7, 2009

Thank you Frishawn!

Recently we did a color exchange in my yahoo group, Cross Stitch Addiction. I recieved mine today from Frishawn....and boy did she spoil me rotten! She sent me some delicious smelling bath goodies and lots of stitchy items. There were 2 pieces of 28ct fabric, one lugana and the other was jobelan. 4 skiens of DMC color variations, a skien of Dragon Floss, which I have heard of but never tried, 3 skiens of Dinky Dyes Silks...those are my most favorite of all flossies! And 3 packages of Mill Hill beads!

I can't wait to pick a project for everything...I'm in stash heaven right now! I'm on the "stash diet" and haven't been able to buy anything so this is just what the DR ordered! LOL
On top of those goodies I also recieved my first copy of Cross Stitch Gold magazine. It was the last thing I got before the stash diet started so I'm happy to know it will be coming to my mailbox on a regular basis now. Hopefully it will ease the pain of the stash diet......naw, I'm kidding myself aren't I?? Guess I better get those last 7 projects completed!

On a more personal note, my 9 year old son fractured his arm yesterday at school. This is the first broken body part for either of the boys, and let me just say.....I am relieved! I know that sounds awful, but when I had boys I totally expected to have broken bones constantly. I think both hubby and I gave a big sigh of relief that it had finally happened. It's kind of one of those things a parent knows will probably happen eventually, but you hope it never does. It almost feels like a weight has been lifted.....pretty sick, huh??? Makes me sound like such a bad mom! It's been kind of funny though, so far he's suckered his big sister into taking him and his little brother out for ice cream at 9:00pm last night. He's suckered his Dad into waking up and making him eggs and toast for breakfast at 6:00am this morning and he's been trying to milk it with me all day! LOL Kids!
Happy Stitching!


  1. WOW! You really are spoiled! Makes me wish mine will get here faster! LOL I hope your son heals least he broke his arm before the swimming season!

  2. oh boy you got some really pretty colorful

  3. One word about the exchange: Yummy!!

    LOL, how funny about your DS 'milking it for all it's worth'! He'll be good as new soon.

  4. Love the exchange goodies. It always helps when you have a little help from your friends when you are on a stash diet!

  5. Wow what a nice exchange. That is too funny about your son try to get all that he can out of the broken arm. He must be doing okay.