Thursday, April 16, 2009

Finally finished the kids pillows!

After months of waiting for me to get these sewn together, my kids finally got their pillows. Yeah, I know it's 4 months after Christmas...better late than never, right?

This one I stitched for my daughter about 3 years ago and it's been sitting in a closet just waiting.
This one I did last year for my youngest son. They are the elemental dragons from Dragon Dreams. This was a SAL in one of the yahoo groups, but I think I may be the only one that actually stitched them. LOL

This last one is my latest dragon. Most of you have probably seen it a few times before. He is finally a pillow for my middle child, yay!

They all measure about 20" square and should be a great little decoration for their bedrooms. I'm glad to finally have them done! Since I've got my sewing machine out I plan to do a few more things....I've really got an itch to make a few rag dolls. We'll see how long the sewing bug sticks around.


  1. I love them all! Congratulations on the finishes!

  2. These are very pretty pillows.

  3. Looks great Mary. I love them

  4. They are sooooo cute!!!!!! You did a wonderful job on those pillows

  5. Congrats Mary! These are 3 gorgeous pillows girl!! I LOVE them!!

  6. Well done Mary - I bet the kids are just thrilled with them! ~ Ally ~

  7. Your pillows look wonderful Mary!!

  8. Your pillows are fabulous! Great job on them all.

  9. They are wonderful!. What a great way to finish.