Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Wonderful Birthday Surprises!

Today is my 37th Birthday...I'm calling it my 29th again! LOL! This year my group CSA decided to do a birthday floss exchange. This is the pile of cards that I received.....

And this is all of them opened up and all the wonderful floss. Doesn't it look delicious? Now I just need to find the perfect projects for them all....
I also joined a birthday club with the I love cross stitch group. Here's a sampling of the packages I've been recieving the last few weeks. ...

This package was from Rene. It contained a wonderful purple fabric from Silkweavers, a Bent Creek chart called "Tree of Me", 2 notepads, a journal, a cute little thimble for my collection....I love it! And the best part of it was a handmade "cupcake" pincushion. I love that cupcake! It's the most darling little thing I've ever seen! The pic just doesn't do it justice. Thank you so much Rene!

The next package is from Carolyn. It had the cutest JBW Designs chart with all the dmc floss to stitch it with! And some wonderful 28ct evenweave fabric too! It also contained a tiny little "doodle" chart complete with a watering can shaped button. She also made me a teeny tiny little needlebook with my name on it, all done in animal prints! I love it! Thank you Carolyn!

Next, from Jenifer, we have a beautiful fat quarter piece of fabric called "Forget me Not Blue". And a $10 gift certificate from Stitches N Things! I already have something in mind for the fabric and can't wait to spend the gift cert. Thanks Jenifer!

Next is a package from Kathy K. It contained a wonderful Lizzie Kate chart called "It's a girl thing" along with all the WDW & GAST floss to stitch it with! She also included my favorite needles and fabric too. And some wonderful little victorian charms. Thanks Kathy!

Next is a package from Tracy. This was 4 pieces of Silkweaver fabrics....and we all know how much I love love love Silkweavers! The colors are: "Karma Sparkle", "Summer Breeze" , "Poltergiest" and another that is a beautiful variegated blue. Thanks so much Tracy!

Next we have wonderful floss from Cynthia. She sent 4 Skeins of Carries Creations, 3 skiens of GAST and a skein of WDW. On top of all that she sent a "star de tailor" too! I love all the floss! My collection is growing! Thanks Cynthia!

Next is a wonderful Sampler pattern from Ashrie. It's called "A simpler Life" and its by Papillon Creations. I love it! Thanks Ashrie!

Next is from Evalina. She sent me a wonderful AOY book full of lots of patterns and a cute little Lizzie Kate chart called "Birthday Blessings". She even sent me a little nail care kit so I can have pretty nails on my birthday. Thanks so much Evalina!

Next was a package from Lisa. She sent me 2 great charts...Bent Creek "Easter Snapper" and Heart in Hand "Egg Hunt". I've had the Easter Snapper chart on my mental wishlist forever! Thanks Lisa!

Last is a package from Deborah, Max & Mizprecious. She sent me Just Nan's "Jolly old Elf" and 2 kits with a teapot theme. I collect teapots so these are just perfect for me. Thanks Deborah!

I also received a gift certificate from my mom from 123stitch! Thank you ladies for making this birthday so special! I have so many new things to work on, now I just need more time to do them all. I love all my gifts and I feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends. Thanks again ladies, you have truly made this birthday a special one.


  1. Awesome gifts, Mary. Happy Birthday!!! (again, LOL)

  2. What a nice assortment of gifts.

    I'm so happy you like your "Cupcake" and it's not even fatting.

  3. That is so cool! Everybody has spoiled the heck out of you! Happy Birthday, chicky!

  4. Wow. Looks like you won the stitching stash jackpot! :)
    So, tell us, which chart are you stitching first. LOL
    I'm glad you had a lovely 29th Birthday. (Hmmmmmm, that makes us the same age! LOL)

  5. Happy Birthday!!!! Nice stash you got!!!!! Guess you are gonna be quite busy stitching!!!

  6. Happy BIrthday Mary! Quite the stash! I am glad you had a great birthday!

  7. Happy Birthday! Some great things arrived for you!

  8. Looks like a happy birthday for you! It was fun!

  9. Belated Happy Birthday, Mary.

    WOW! Such wonderful gifts received. Enjoy!!

  10. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY MARY!!! WOW GIRL!! You really received a ton of awesome gifts!! Congrats:)