Friday, June 12, 2009

A Few Tiny Finishes....

I've had a few tiny finishes this week. This first one is a floss ring tag I made for an exchange. It was my first one and I hate the way it turned out. One edge just looks terrible, but I'm hoping my partner will like it anyway. This is the back......

And this is the front......
This next picture is a scissor fob I made for a patriotic exchange in my new group. (KraftersKorner) It was a freebie I found online. I love the way this one turned out! The picture didn't do it justice. This is the front....

And this is the back.....

Next is this little piece that I finished stitching this morning. This will be an ornament for Donna's "Stitching for a Cure" project. This was an easy and quick stitch, it only took me a day to complete it! I've started another one this morning and hope to get it done over the weekend and I'll do the actual "finishing" of them both next week.

On a more personal note: My kids are officially on Summer Vacation. I was so not ready for it! They are already driving me crazy. I think I've become the neighborhood babysitter too.....yesterday I had a housefull and when hubby came home from work I tried to send all of them home. Their stupid parents kept sending them back over! I finally had to tell them that we were having "family time" and the kids had to come in for the night. At 8:00 this morning the kids were back over here knocking on the door! UGH! I am so not prepared for this!
I'm looking forward to the summer though....I'm hoping we can take a quick weekend trip to the beach sometime with the kids. They've only been once in their life so it would be a fun inexpensive way to have a short vacation. Might be able to get some great beach photos for scrapbooking too! LOL
Hope everyone is having a great week!


  1. The beach sounds like fun. And I love that ornament (actually all your stitching). But this was the first time I had seen that pattern done!

  2. the ladybugs floss ring is very cute. nice job.

  3. That floss ring came out great! And your piece for Donna's Stitching for a cure came out cute as well! Darn it you were stitching quick...LOL
    Your other finish is sooo sooo true and nicely done! Great job again! Love the idea of the ocean, my fav of course, thats where Rog and I want to get married....LOL

  4. Mary, I think your floss ring tag is adorable!!
    We are always our own worst critics:)
    Love your fob...patriotic stitches are some of my favorites:) And what an wonderful stitch for Donna:)
    Congrats on achieving so much good stuff girl!

  5. The ornament is gorgeous. Your floss tag looks better than mine did. :) Must be a rule that the first is yucky to the creator. :)

  6. the ladybugs are SO adorable!