Sunday, May 31, 2009

Stitching, Kids and a little Gratitude

I haven't had much stitching progress the past couple of months but I've started to finally stitch again. Here's a little piece I'm doing for one of my sons teachers. It's from Heart in Hand and it's called "teachers". It will have an apple next to the words with a little star shaped button when it's done. I haven't decided what to make it into yet. Maybe a cube?

This is a little piece I started the other night. I ended up staying up LATE and working on it. Both are freebies from Trail Creek Farm. This will be for a patriotic exchange we are doing in my NEW group. I don't know what I'll make it into yet, but I liked the simplicity of the designs so I'm doing them. LOL
Today was a hot and muggy day. It finally rained this afternoon. We had a good solid downpour for a good half an hour and my kids decided to go play in the puddles. Well, this is what they looked like when they were done! Here's Bodie......

And here's Brady....

Pretty messy little boys, huh? LOL, I am so thankful for moments like these. It's these kind of times that make life worth it.
I've started a new journal. Each day I'm writing something down that I am grateful for. It can be the most trivial little thing or a big thing, just something that made me happy that day. Not long ago I went through a nasty bout of depression and I honestly didn't know if I would make it through it. After a few weeks of thinking long and hard about what was making me unhappy, I made some changes in my life. I've started the "gratitude journal" and discovered that there is more to be thankful for than I thought. I've found myself having a more positive outlook rather than expecting things to be bad all the time. I've made a choice not to carry on some friendships because I realized that it just depressed me. I'm sad to give some of those relationships up, but for now I know it's the best thing for ME. I gave up my yahoo group and started a new one. I'm looking forward to watching it grow. It's for cross stitchers, but it's also a place to show other things too. Whatever each individual is into at that moment, whether it be scrapbooks, quilts, knitting, photography...whatever. The main focus is cross stitch, but other things are ok too. Soooo, if anyone is interested in yet another group, feel free to join us:
I am looking forward to more good things in this journey called life. I hope I haven't bored you all too much! LOL


  1. i think its wonderful that you have started a positive way to be thankful for what you have in life. i am so proud of you.

  2. Great ideas you have. Love the idea of one positive thing a day and the journal. Hope you are feeling better now. Stitching looks great!

  3. Thinking on things that bring you joy is a great. Writing them down is even better. Looks like your boys love to play hard, lol. Your stitching looks great.

  4. Good for you, Mary, I think I will steal (!) your idea. I need to look on the positive side and right now it's a bit hard. LOVE the dirty little boys, I had one of those and now he and his dear wife are expecting our second grandchild!

  5. Mary, I'm so proud of you and glad you did what you needed to to get out of your slump. We all miss you when you are down. The new group is doing great and it has all my old favs in it. Love the journal idea..I think I want to do one but instead do a memory one. There are so many things that I forget but want to be able to remember for eternity. I have a horrible memory and have already forgotten alot of the cute things Cory has done. Makes me feel like a horrible. It isn't me, just my memory.

    And BTW OMG look at them boy!! LOL Looks like they had a muddy blast!

    Love the Patriotic stitching. I had seen them but went with this other instead. I'm not horribly crafty but I came up with something last night. Going to the store today to see what I can come up with. Just hope it looks like I'm imagining it.

  6. Both your pieces look great. Like the patriotic one, am going through a patriotic phase myself. Glad you are feeling better, and that journal sound like a good idea. I do a little journal, but mostly to gripe about stuff, and that is probably not that good.

  7. I've use the gratitude concept for years. I think about things I'm grateful for in the shower, LOL. (I do my best thinking there) It's good you're focusing on positive aspects of life.

  8. Those boys certainly know how to get dirty lol! Good to hear you are feeling more positive now...

  9. No you haven't bored me. Good to hear from you again. Love the pictures of the kids!!! Your stitching looks great.

  10. You have had alot on your plate lately, girl. I think you have dealt with things is a positive and strong way. Depression is an ugly thing as many of us know. But it also a sign that things need to change. You saw that and made changes. I am very proud to have gotten to know you a little.

    I have two grandboys so I know nothing lifts your spirits like muddy boy children. lol

    I like your stitching too. Finishing a piece lifts my spirits- even little finishes.

  11. Love the stitchings...but the pics of your boys are just PRECIOUS!!! Can't help but smile at those mud covered cuties!!

    What a wonderful idea you have for your journal and your lifestyle changes! I'm happy for you and hope those sad days never come back!

  12. Great stitching and your kids look cute.
    The way you battled your way out of depression is impressive and a very good way to go. Good on you

  13. Nice WIP you have going and now a great outlook on life, hope things continue on the upbeat for you! Kids and puddles, what attracts them so much??? LOL

  14. Your stitching looks fabulous. I just did that USA freebie too! :)
    Love the photos of the boys.