Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Finished My Tote Bag!! Yay!

I've had this fabric for over a year and it's been sitting here just waiting to be made into something. I've never worked with the pre-quilted stuff before so that was a challenge. My sewing machine didn't like the thickness....especially when I made the handle for it! Poor little machine! You can't tell from the pic but the bottom green part is actually pockets. The pockets didn't come out nearly as big as I thought they would but for a first try I guess I didn't do too bad. This will be my project bag for my wips/ufo's so I can keep everything all together. The bag measures 20" x16" x 4" deep..not a bad size for all my stitching goodies!

Hope everyone is having a great holiday week so far! Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!


  1. Nice tote but is it really big enough for all your WIP's - lol. I have 3 different totes full of different projects and 2 dressers full of stash and projects waiting for me in 2010. I really got to finish some of these things!!!

  2. Great bag....I love tote bags. I would need a dozen more to hold all my WIP's

  3. This is amazing. I love it. You've really done a fantastic job. I need something like this just a little shorter and wider, with tons of pockest for the jewelry classes I attend...LOL.

  4. That is a great tote, I had that fabric and made it into a blanket. I think that would definitely be too small for my WIPs bag, I'd need to least one 2 times that size. That one would be good for my standard purse/handbag, the one for every days. I currently use my school bag for my WIP's but that is because I am on Holiday Break.

  5. Hi Mary! You did a fantastic job on it - I love the animal print you used.