Thursday, May 6, 2010

Two More Quilt Blocks & A RAK!

I've been a busy girl the last 3 days and have finished two more quilt blocks. A cute little lion and a baby zebra. Only one more block to go and I'll have them all done and ready to be made into a quilt for the girls home. Yahoo!

Today I recieved a wonderful RAK from Carein! She sent me this cute little magnet that she made. It matches perfect with the little birdhouse she made me and it is already on my fridge where everyone can see it. Carein and her husband make the most wonderful little things out of wood, the craftmanship is beautiful and this piece will be treasured just as much as I treasure the birdhouse. Thank you so much Carein for thinking of me.

Nothing else to show for now, but hoping the next update will have that last finished block and a quilt to show. Hugs to all!


  1. WHOOHOOO....
    You Go Girl. Your Blocks look GREAT!
    That Carein is a Sweetie for sure!!!!

  2. Nice surprise and cute stitching!

  3. The lion and zebra are so cute. I just love penguin and parrot in the last post. They are so adorable and will make a great quilt. The magnet is so beautiful.

  4. So cute and I love the magnet!