Saturday, February 25, 2012

Long overdue update..

I finally have a long overdue update. I am suppose to be doing a SAL with my good friend Tara on this Grand Marquoir piece. I haven't gotten far, just the first little square.
Here is my Lavendar Blue SAL....
As you can see I have not finished the first two parts yet. "Life" has bit into my stitching time lately. The next 2 parts were released today and I did not get them since I wasn't finished with the other parts. I will spend today and tomorrow trying to get this finished so I can get the next parts.

Not much else to say since I haven't been stitching alot lately. Hope everyone has their needles moving and making more progress than me.


  1. Lavender Blue is looking wonderful! I wish I was that far on mine.

  2. Grand Marquoir is the big, huge one, right Mary? They both look good. And don't beat yourself up over not making as much progress as you wanted to, or as much as others have made. You are one person, with finite time and resources. Obviously, your family must come first. Don't be down because you're not all caught up. You'll get there. I have faith in you!!

  3. I haven't done much on the grande either. Lavender is looking good. You've gotten pretty far on it. I think I only got one part of mine and I've only stitched a small amount. Need to get on that.

  4. The stitching you have done is lovely. Enjoy your stitching - it's not a race.

  5. That letter "A" is soooo pretty!