Friday, January 20, 2012

I'm a slacker...

I am officially a slacker! I didn't keep up with my Crazy January Challenge and honestly don't even remember what day I stopped at. I did start quite a few new projects and after looking through all my starts and WIP's discovered that I have at least 17 that I want to get finished this year. Most of them are fairly large so I'm definately going to be a busy girl.

I started my first HEAD-ish's not a HEAD, but it's similar to one with multiple pages and it will take forever to get finished. Here's a pic of what it'll look like when finished....
And here's my progress as of today.....
Ok, so not alot of progress to show..just one color so far. I've heard so much talk of how hard these multiple page patterns are and I have to say they are NOT as hard or intricate as I thought.

My next one isn't a new start...I started it in 2011 but only had a few stitches into it. This was a PIF from Chele and will be going to Vicky when I finish with it. It's called Sex & Chocolate...I love saying that..hee hee! Here's what it'll look like when finished.....
And here's what I have so far......
I'm not using the called for floss...I just picked out of my stash and chose colors I liked. The fabric is an old piece of Silkweavers in kind of a mottled purple. This will eventually be made into a funky pillow for my craft room.

Next up is the SAL I chose to join this's called Lavendar Blue. The first 2 parts came out January 10th so I've been working on this the last few days.
This is my progress as of today. Not much to look at yet, just the bottom part and I've got lots more to go to get caught up before the next part comes out. I am liking it's just different and I seem to have this secret love affair with samplers lately.
My final pic of the day is Grand Marquoir....I've barely touched this since the last pic. Thanks to an early morning phone call with my friend Tara, she's convinced me to stitch along with her today on it. Sooo, here's my before pic.....
Sometime this evening I'll update with a pic of how much I get done today. Probably won't be a huge amount since it's so hard to hold the GIANT scroll frame but at least I'll get a few stitches in, right?

Ok, that's it for me..don't got much else to show so until next time....Happy Stitching!


  1. Lovely starts it is making me itch to stitch but have family over today as Thursday and Friday are our weekend in Saudi Arabia. I finished a piece last night so I have nothing ready to pick up.

  2. Love the Sex and Chocolate piece that will be great when done. Lavender Blue looks nice too. Good luck with getting so many larger projects done.

  3. I'm a 'Slacker' too Mary, I got up to Day 8 and then stopped for some reason, I think I will get the other 7 started soon though! Love your Lavender Blue SAL, where is it from??
    Sue T

  4. nice starts Mary, keep up with the CJC.

  5. Lovin it all girl!! Looking forward to seeing your progresses. I've decided I'm starting my grand marquoir over. I bought new flosses for it today. Also bought a new massive scroll, lol....

  6. Looking great but where is Amazing Grace????

  7. Wow your Sex and Chocolate is AWESOME! I lover the color change you have made and can't wait to see what else you are going to do! The big project looks great! My HAED has a million confetti stitches just in the first page so it is really slow going! Lavender Blue is gorgeous but I have so much going now plus adding in the White Tigers and Ink Circles 99 for my step son, a SAL just won't get done. Stitching with Tara will help get Grand Marquoir done. I always manage to keep up if I am stitching with someone! Can't wait to see your progress.


  8. Absolutely love love LOVE the sex 'n choccies! Your fabric choice for it is lovely too! Great choices there and look forward to seeing them grow :-)

  9. Oh, yeah, you're such a slacker, lol. I know of several people who dropped out, so don't feel bad about it. I love your pieces, and you've got good progress in on all of them. GM is gonna be tough though, cause that scroll frame is HUGE!!! Good luck Mary. Hope you get lots done today!!

  10. Sex and Chocolate is going to look great - and now I want one for myself :) Keep up the great work so far

  11. What is the name of your HAED-ish piece? It is beautiful. Great fabric and floss colors for Sex & Chocolate!

  12. Sex and Chocolate looks fantastic. Nice WIP's you have going.