Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Day of Dying.....

About a week ago I recieved a wonderful RAK in the mail from my good friends Carrie & Rog. The great thing about these two wonderful people is they always include a little something for my kids......

Yep, you guessed it, they sent a tie dye kit for the kids! Well, today the kids were bouncing off the walls and I thought now was the time to bring it out and give them something to do....

Here we have my 3 "angels" (yeah right) showing off their plain white tees. Even my 20 year old daughter got in on it which is amazing since she can't stand to be with her little brothers for even 5 minutes! LOL, Amazing what a little dye and a plain t-shirt can accomplish...sibling love.
Here are their tees all ready and rubber banded.....

And here they are doing the messy parts......
This is my crazy little red head sticking his tounge out at the's so hard to get a pick of him being normal.....
And here's my oldest...yeah, I know she needs a little lift..hehe. (I had to put it on here just to embarrass her while I still can!)
And here's my middle one, can you tell he was not happy about the camera? I love annoying my kids! LOL
And here they are with the tees all dyed and ready to sit for a bit.......wonder what they'll look like?
Fast forward about 5 hours......and here's their finished tees!!! This was a great way to spend a hot summer day!
Thank you Carrie & Rog for helping me to make this memory with my kids. As much as they've been driving me crazy this summer this was a much needed break from the norm.
With the left over dye I plan to dye some cross stitch fabric. I've never seen any tie dyed aida so I'm going to attempt it. Not much more to report here. I've got a few projects in the works but nothing I can show a pic of yet. Hope everyone is keeping out of the heat this summer!
Hugs to all!


  1. Ohhh sooo cool that you finally got to use it and I'm so glad that Amber got to get her hands (well gloved) dirty too LOL It's fun to have the kids look forward to getting things in Mommy's packages too I find, and look it actually helps keep them busy and like you said making memories! Thanks for keeping pic of it all, you had tears in my eyes as I read through it! How neat! Can't wait to see how your fabric comes out! Dye some 18 ct for me! LOL


  2. Nice t-shirts. Looking forward to seeing tie-dye aida - that could be interesting!

  3. Sounds and looks like you all had a fun summer day. Especially Mom with the camera. :)
    I can't wait to see how the aida turns out.

  4. These t-shirts look great. Sounds like a good day with your family!

  5. Great shirts - my girls especially my oldest love to tie dye. I have thought about tie dye aida - I think it would be cool. I was going to have my girls do some the next time they tie dye - anxious to see how yours comes out!! Glad you had fun - especially with the camera!

  6. Those shirts turned out great. Looks like fun!

  7. Your experience with the kids and tie dye project brought back memories when I was a teenager during the hippie generation. My sister and I did alot of tie dying with sheets, pillow cases, t-shirts, etc..... those good old days were fun!


  8. Such beautiful results - we want some too!

  9. The tee's turned out great..... I'm sure they loved the messy bit.


  10. How fun!! Great pics! and all 3 shirts turned out awesome!!

  11. Hey, that looks like so much fun. I haven't tie-dyed since summer camp in teh 7th grade. I'd love to learn how to cross-stitch, right, just what I need...another craft to take over the shared spaces in my house. (My knitting is already chasing my husband out of our office, the problem is his computer is a desk top, not a laptop...Well, hope to get together with you soon to teach you some crochet.